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Jyoti Lanjewar

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1 Jan, 1950
India - South Asia
Genres Academic, Poetry
Languages Marathi
Dr Jyoti Lanjewar (b.1950) is one of the foremost Marathi women writers, widely acclaimed and much anthologized and also a pioneering Dalit women poet today.
A noted critic, poet, columnist, activist, short story writer, Biographer, Linguist, feminist scholar and academic. She has authored more than 15 books and remains one of the leading voices in Modern Indian Poetry today.
Her poetry speaks on diverse themes as womanhood, motherhood, friendship, honest commitment, human values and love. Her poetry punctures the status quoits forces and entails dauntless passion, wisdom, and rare intensity that dismantle stereotypes to render candidly the lived and shared women experiences, intersecting gender, class, caste and caste within. It speaks vehemently of socio cultural oppression representing women belonging to the poorest strata of the Indian society while historicizing and clinically diagnosing its inherent contradictions. A versatile writer par excellence she seems uninterested in being boxed into categories and has managed to transcend its constraints to acknowledge a larger humanity. As she rightly says “My poetry is about humanity and its seemingly endless struggles for survival, for change, for justice and sometimes humanity happens to be the oppressed marginalized… it’s a wonderful process of all these voices coming out of me.”

Books Published:

1. Disha (Nikhil prakashan:Nagpur, 1982))
2. Shabda nide abhaal (sankalp prakashan: Nagpur, 1992)
3. Ajun waadal uthale nahi (Krantiparwa prakashan:Pune, 1992
4. Eka jhadache aakarandan (Dimple Prakashan: Pune, 2007)

1. Dalit sahitya samiksha (sugava publication: Pune, 1992)
2. Samakaleen sahitya pravruti ani pravah (Vijay Prakashan: Nagpur, 1990)
3. Bhartiya samaj ani stree jeevan (Sugawa Publication:pune,1992)
4. Ambedkaranche rashtriya karya ani shaurincha gondhal (KrantiParva Prakashan: Nagpur, 1997)
5. Phule Ambedkar Ani stree mukti chadwad Vol 1.(sankalp prakashan: Nagpur, 1992)
6. Phule Ambedkar Ani stree mukti chadwad Vol 2. Sanket prakashan:Nagpur,2008
7. Dalit shaityatil stree chitran (Sugawa Prakashan: Pune, 1992)
8. Dalit kadambaritil Stree chitran sugava prakashan: Pune, 2008
9. Munshi Premchand ani annabhaunchya nayika sanket Prakashan:Nagpur,2009

1. Pakshin ani chakravyuha (Sumedha Prakashan: Pune, 2008)
2. Aajchi savitri(Long story)Published by Adult education, Aurangabad,1995

1. Majha Germany cha pravas (Travelogue) sanket prakashan:nagpur 2008

1. P.W. Ramaswamy Naikar, sumedha prakashan: Pune, 2007
2. Babu Haridas Sumedha prakashan: Pune,2005

1. Red slogans on the green grass (collection of translations into English) Scion Publications: Pune, 2008)

Forthcoming works:
Zep (poetry collection)

Awards include:
Covetous late B.S. Mardhekar literary award 1991-92 All India Literary Academy, Mumbai
Dr Ambedkar fellowship 1991-92, Dalit Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi
Chuni Kotiyal Bangla Dalit Sahitya Akdemi Social work Award.1994-95 Calcutta
Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Puraskar 1995, Indore
Maharastra Dalit literary Academy’s Late Padmashri Daya Pawar Literary Award, 1998, Bhusaval
Late Ramabai Ambedkar award 1998 Satara, Maharastra
Dr.Ambedkar Memorial International foundation Award, 2005-2006 Canada
Hindi Rashtriya Sahitya Akademi Award, 2006, Gaya
Outstanding literary achievement award conferred by Nagpur Shikshan Mandal, 2000Nagpur
Dr. Ambedkar Gaurav Puraskaar, Mahanagar Palika, 2006, Aurangabad
Anna Bhau Sathe Literary Award, 2007, Kekatsindagi
Dalit Mitra Award, Govt. of Maharastra, 2007, Mumbai
Anna Bhau Sathe Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Award, 2006-2007, Mangalwedhe-Pune
Kavivarya Suresh Bhatt Smruti Award, 2008, National Book Fair, Delhi
The Doordarshan Sayadri’s Hirkani Award for outstanding achievement in Academic, Literary and Social field, 2008, Mumbai

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